Testimonial 9

“Beauty is womens best charm of living.But this facial hair lowers the confidence and self esteem.  One feels depressed and down all the time when the face is first impression.  After trying a few methods of hair removal and spending so much I lost hope.  I even tried the latest method of laser hair removal…but I guess it was not for me.  It made my condition worse then before.  Literally it caused my facial hair to grow thick like a man’s beard.  I was sick of it!  Then I met Lisa from Permanent Hair Removal Center, she helped me gain back my confidence and the answer to my problem.  I finally achieved permanent hair removal.  Her caring and helping nature makes you feel comfortable, she is very professional and someone you can count on.  If you are suffering from hairs on your face and you have tried everything possible then don’t waste your time and go see Lisa, and see for yourself.  It is pain free, affordable and a comfortable environment!”